The Restaurants


The Resaurants

The Anolineria is a registered trademark that was launched in 2014

The search for the type of advertising campaign that would have to be implemented led us to open a restaurant and to expand the project by planning to open some more: we simply asked ourselves how we could best introduce our company, our products…

In an era where we are bombarded with all kinds of advertising and by all means, we naively supposed the best method would be to have people taste them. Why not at the restaurant?

Obviously, this is not and will not be sufficient, but it will allow us to make a more targeted type of advertising, by creating a specific target and building a clientele, who can look at us in the eyes before getting to know our products. An attempt (we believe to be profitable) to humanize the company.

The concept is “the Sunday family lunch,” offered every day of the year in a “lean” version; few tables to ensure products of great quality, care and attention to service without losing the informality and serenity required for the concept.

Typical cold cuts of Parma and Piacenza, our fresh homemade pasta (Anolini and more) and a few sought-out and well prepared main courses represent the heart of our Menu; our guest will have a few dishes to choose from, fully aware he will never be disappointed no matter what he chooses.

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