The Anolineria is a registered trademark that was launched in 2014

We produce and distribute fresh traditional pasta from the Emilia region with a special focus (it couldn’t be otherwise) on the highlight of the Parma/Piacenza region: the Anolino.
We know the history and diversities, even the smallest ones, of this product, which was revisited in all the sub-territories over the centuries: thanks to this awareness, we are able to offer different recipes and variants of the Anolino in full respect of the geographical traditions:

  • Stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano only and slight variations (typical of the towns of this Province)
  • Stuffed with Beef Stew and slight variations (typical of the city of Parma and Piacenza)
  • Stuffed with Strolghino of Culatello (original recipe of the Anolineria)

We came on the market with the conviction that today’s demand is more and more orientated towards the search for great quality; flavors that can somehow remind us of the family meals our “grandparents” prepared.
Our labs use selective raw materials, which are chosen with great care to ensure the most excellent standards of quality.

Laboratorio Anolineria